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You've been brushing your teeth since you were a child so you've got a good technique, right?

We bring you a perfect tool to get it right!

In a perfect world, we would all have time & patience to pay attention to our daily tooth brushing!

Introducing Toothbrush Fitness

We consulted with dentists, nurses and dental hygiene professionals to create a perfect tool to learn the technique of perfectly effective tooth brushing.

Follow the instructions of the Toothbrush Fitness App and make sure to reach the hidden corners of your mouth!

With professional advice you can get into the right practice and even improve.

With the step by step 3D animation tool anyone can learn the most effective practices. Just choose your toothbrush type right at the beginning and let yourself go with this unique 3D experience.

Select the type of toothbrush you are using from the two options: electric and manual toothbrush and get going.

Get your teeth clean in your own style!

According to our research, people like to use applications more if they are able to customize the looks. Our intention is to make people use our app every day and find it exciting, esthetic and cool, so we equipped Toothbrush Fitness with several skins, ready to use!

Try them on!

Download the free app and discover even more skins and customize the app as you go. Kids gonna love it too.

Benefits of using the App

  • You learn and see the improvement in your daily dental hygienic and you can do more to maintain a healthy state easier than ever
  • This app is the answer of your questions about dental hygiene
  • This easy interface with a great anatomical 3D model and time measure shows you exactly what to do even in a sleepy morning